optical illusion

do u feel something great

look at the + and move ur head close and back

how does the dice look like

look at the purple one and do all squares get twisted

just read the colour not words

look at one circle and does all other turn

does the circle turning it is lol

hahaha wats happening

hai is it twisting

i donno whether it is a animation sory if yes click to work

haha cool right

just look at the + and c the green dots taking pink dots

do u c some black dots wen u look others

hai guys som wont work here plzz click it to work properly

these r not animation as i believe

and sorry if it is  a animation and

guys if u don believe  just take a print and c it works

tats all for now

thanx a looot for visiting




  1. blueburu Said:

    Wow they are cool Broosely! keep up the cool work!

  2. keelers895 Said:

    Hey broosely i love ur site cool!

  3. reweaz Said:

    awesome site

  4. ankin98 Said:

    there scary 😦

  5. Charlotte Said:

    love it lol

  6. athulpower Said:

    yo broos, keep up the cool work


  7. sangeeth john Said:


  8. tgcx555 Said:

    its just an illusion iam learning how to hypnotise its qutie easy to understand these r cool :]

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